Dana Pederson

mrsdanapedersonMrs. Pederson has served as Preschool Admissions Director and Yellow School Executive Assistant since Cambridge Lakes Learning Center opened its doors in 2007. During this time, she has had the privilege of observing and participating in the amazing growth of student enrollment, program offerings and the development of students and staff members. Mrs. Pederson enjoys fostering parent and student relations in support of our mission to collaboratively create a high achievement learning environment.

With an administrative background spanning over 20 cumulative years, Mrs. Pederson was formerly employed by Hewitt Assocuates LLC, a leading benifits consulting firm in Lincolnshire, IL, for eight years.There she served as an executive assistant and unit manager.

Prior to joining Cambridge Lakes, Mrs. Pederson had the opportunity to be at home with her three sons during their formative years. She is married and enjoys spending time with her active family.