Teri Raucci

mrsteriraucciThere are two things that Mrs. Raucci is passionate about. The first is children and the second is science. Mrs. Raucci was lucky enough to start her teaching career doing what she loves, teaching middle school children about science. After several years of teaching, Mrs. Raucci earned her master’s degree in Educational Leadership and is now principal of the Yellow School at Cambridge Lakes Charter School. Mrs. Raucci is married and has three grown children. Her family enjoys traveling, spending time together and spoiling their 140 pound german shepherd named Bear.

Laura Smith

mrslaurasmithLaura Smith - Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Laura Smith graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked at Cambridge Lakes Preschool for 6 years. Preschool age children hold a very special place in her heart. In her free time, Laura loves to read, exercise and spend time with family and friends.

Brianna Borman

missbriannebormanBrianna Borman

Ms. Borman was very active as a student, participating in 6 different sports over the course of middle school and high school, 14 different play performances, the make-up crew of another school production, and co-hosting a talent show in college. Since then, she has redirected that energy to teaching. In 2011, Ms. Borman worked as an afternoon preschool teacher and after school program director for Land of Learning in Sycamore, Illinois.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, Early Childhood Studies, from Northern Illinois University in 2013 and holds a Professional Educator License with an Endorsement in Special Education. She completed her teacher practicum at Cambridge Lakes Charter School in Fall 2012 and student taught at Genoa Kingston Davenport Elementary School in Genoa, Illinois in Spring 2013. Ms. Borman is still active in sports, currently playing racquetball and tennis.

Tiffany Shooll

mrstiffanyshoolTiffany Shooll

Dear Friends,

Words cannot express my excitement for working with your preschool children at Cambridge Lakes Preschool. For the second time in my career, I will have the opportunity to assist in the ground zero approach to opening a school. Before joining Cambridge Lakes Preschool, I worked as a teacher for the all day mixed age at Good Shepherd Lutheran School in Elgin--the Preschool, Elementary and Junior High I attended as a student.

Everyone asks what made me decide to become a teacher. Originally, I dreamed of becoming a custody lawyer. However, when my mom asked me to think about my passion I realized I enjoyed working with very young children. So, I switched my career focus to Early Childhood Education, where my true passion lies.

I strongly feel that Early Childhood is a powerful time in a child’s life. During this time, children change and develop daily. As an Early Childhood teacher, I take great pride and responsibility in the growth and development of each young child in my care. I understand this may be the first time you entrust your children in a school, so I must make sure you remain informed about your child’s development.

Each child is a unique individual that brings knowledge, gifts and a love for learning to my classroom. I feel my job is to be consistent, a positive role model, use different instructional styles to deliver lessons, promote meaningful discussions and produce creative centers and hands on experiences in order to foster learning.

I first learned about HighScope in my early childhood classes at Northern Illinois University. I then experienced its practical application while I student taught at Garfield Elementary in Elgin. There, I used HighScope to plan a number of weekly activities. At Good Shepherd, I utilized the HighScope methodology to create my daily schedule and lesson plans.
At Cambridge Lakes Preschool, I will use many approaches to instruction in order to reach all the children in my classroom. I will listen closely to your child’s interests and from this understanding equip the room and my lessons with materials that will broaden their understanding and skill level.

Mary Jurgens

missmaryjurgensMary Jurgens

Ms. Jurgens received her degree in Early Childhood Education with a Letter of Approval in Special Education from Illinois State University in 2012.

During college she had the opportunity to expand her knowledge in child development by working at SIUC Child Development Lab, KinderCare Learning Center, and The Baby Fold. After receiving her degree she was hired at Cambridge Lakes Charter School as a preschool teacher.

In her second year, Ms Mary is a member of the Teaching and Learning council and coaches junior high track. Outside of school she enjoys being active, volunteering, and being with family and friends.

Whitney Orlando

mrswhitneyorlandoWhitney Orlando - Preschool Teacher

Whitney Orlando is a Preschool teacher at Cambridge Lakes. In 2010, she completed her student teaching in both the Charter School teaching 1st grade and in the Preschool. Upon graduating from Northern Illinois University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education with Special Education approval, she was hired to be a part of the wonderful Preschool team. Over the last four years, she has taught in both the full day and half day programs with students ranging from 3-5 years old. She truly loves teaching preschool and seeing her students grow and develop each day.

Nicole Hussey

mrsnicolehusseyNicole Hussey

Nicole Hussey is a Preschool teacher at Cambridge Lakes Preschool. In 2010 she completed six weeks of her student teaching in Mattoon, IL teaching second grade and twelve weeks of her student teaching in Perth, Western Australia, teaching kindergarten.

Upon graduating from Eastern Illinois University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education she filled a maternity leave position at a Bilingual Early Intervention Program in Lombard, IL. In 2012 she began her first year of teaching at Cambridge Lakes Preschool in the full day program. She enjoys working with the preschool students and preparing them for Kindergarten.

Dana Pederson

mrsdanapedersonMrs. Pederson has served as Preschool Admissions Director and Yellow School Executive Assistant since Cambridge Lakes Learning Center opened its doors in 2007. During this time, she has had the privilege of observing and participating in the amazing growth of student enrollment, program offerings and the development of students and staff members. Mrs. Pederson enjoys fostering parent and student relations in support of our mission to collaboratively create a high achievement learning environment.

With an administrative background spanning over 20 cumulative years, Mrs. Pederson was formerly employed by Hewitt Assocuates LLC, a leading benifits consulting firm in Lincolnshire, IL, for eight years.There she served as an executive assistant and unit manager.

Prior to joining Cambridge Lakes, Mrs. Pederson had the opportunity to be at home with her three sons during their formative years. She is married and enjoys spending time with her active family.

Alyssa Barrutia

missalyssabarrutiaAlyssa Barrutia

Since 2004, Ms. Barrutia has been taking care of students with special needs through her position as a nanny in St. Charles, Illinois. She earned an Associate in Arts degree, Early Childhood Education, from Elgin Community College in 2010.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree, Early Childhood Education, from Northern Illinois University in 2013 and holds a Professional Educator License with an Endorsement in Special Education. Ms. Barrutia student taught at Cambridge Lakes Learning Center during the 2013 spring session. From January through March, she taught in the Preschool, developing and implementing lesson plans, participating in faculty and parent conferences, and emailing the weekly newsletter.

From March through June, she taught 1st grade students all subjects in the Charter School. Ms. Barrutia rounded out her teaching experience this year by serving as Assistant Coach for Wasco Girls Fast pitch Softball League. For the last 5 years, she has volunteered with the nonprofit organization Lost Boys of Southern Sudan, assisting with fundraising events.