HighScope Overview

The HighScope methodology creates an environment in which children actively learn by following the plan-do-review sequence--children plan and make choices for their learning, carry out these ideas and then reflect on what they learned. These plans help to promote resourcefulness and independence of children. In the HighScope methodology, children participate in a variety of daily activities--including small and large group activities, outdoor time, and snack time.

The HighScope curriculum also focuses on academic and social development by covering the following content areas:

  • Language & Literacy-Growing Readers Early Literacy focuses on letter sound (phonological) awareness, comprehension, print concepts and knowledge of the alphabet
  • Math & Science- Numbers Plus concentrates on classification, ordering, number concepts, space and time
  • Social Skills-Problem-Solving Approach to Conflict Resolution enables children to solve problems with critical thinking and verbal skills
  • Arts- The curriculum develops both fine and performing arts. Supporting Young Artists allows children to use various art media and appreciate the art approaches.

The HighScope Curriculum model allows growth of your child in all areas including academic, social/emotional and physical to create a whole child approach to learning.

Thank you for embarking on this exciting educational journey with us. We look forward to sharing with you insights that will enrich the learning experiences you share with your preschool child. Let's make the journey with our preschool learners exciting and productive.

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