High Quality Preschool

High Quality PreschoolCambridge Lakes Preschool will provide a high-quality early childhood program. According to research by Dr. Schweinhart in 2004, high-quality programs consist of seven key components:

  • Child development curriculum with active participation -- Cambridge Lakes Preschool utilizes the HighScope Curriculum, which focuses on active participatory learning as the focal point of all learning. The plan-do-review process allows for children to make choices about what they want to do, carry out their ideas and then reflect on the activities they performed with both teachers and peers.
  • Low-enrollment limits so adults can give individualized attention to children -- Cambridge Lakes Preschool limits class sizes to 16 children optimum and 18 children maximum with two teachers.
  • Staff trained in early childhood development so they can observe, understand and support children's learning in all areas -- All of the teachers in the Cambridge Lakes Preschool hold a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education.
  • Supervisory support and inservice training so staff can understand and carry out the curriculum -- All members of the preschool team have undergone HighScope training on the journey to becoming certified in the HighScope methodology.
  • Involvement of parents as partners because they serve as their children's first and most lasting teachers -- Each parent will become intricately involved in developing their child's personal learning plan along with their child and child's teacher. Parents must agree to spend time each evening supporting their child in their individual learning goals.
  • Sensitivity to the non-educational needs of children because preschool provides just one component of children's early experiences -- Cambridge Lakes Preschool focuses on the learning of the whole child, thus many of the goals of their personal learning plan will focus on social, emotional and physical skills in addition to cognitive (thinking/academic) skills.
  • Developmentally Appropriate Evaluation procedures to accurately measure what children know and plan effective ways to extend their learning -- The HighScope curriculum uses the COR (Child Observation Record) to assess children on a regular basis to determine the children's successes and continue to make goals for their future.