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Our School Vision

our school visionHigh Achievement Learning

The focus of the schools is on the learning achievement of each and every student on campus. You have read the definition we use for high achievement – the bottom student at the state norm and everyone else above it. For a preschool student that means initiating the learning process and laying a foundation for school readiness and continual learning. For the kindergarten student that means crossing the bridge from preschool to continual school days filled with lessons and learning. All other students build upon that foundation and move forward toward lifelong learning.

Student focus
Meeting students where they are requires a careful assessment of ability and knowledge and a well-shaped Personal Learning Plan. Each student has a personal learning plan. The Preschool and Kindergarten plans center on broad-based concepts, skills and personal maturation. Older student’s plans become more detailed and more specific. A single category of student – The categories, often used to describe groupings or types of students,is not used at Cambridge Lakes Schools – students are addressed as individuals whose learning needs are met by design, with respect.

Research-based curriculum
The preschool is built upon the research based methods and materials from the HighScope Educational Foundation.
The K-8 curriculum is being built upon “Core Knowledge.” The mapping of the scope and sequence of the curriculum with the Illinois standards is a webbased medium that allows students, parents and teachers to understand the learning objectives at hand and measure the progress made in learning them.

Other curricular materials and methods are interwoven into the Core Knowledge backbone of the curriculum map. Special attention is given to science, math, technology, art, music and international studies.

The schools on campus all have continuing research underway to assess effectiveness on individuals, courses, systems and personnel. All decisions are data driven. High performance organizations continually improve processes and systems to achieve more effective and higher quality results.

Parent participation
The first and most important person(s) in a student’s learning plan team will always be that student’s parents. You as a parent(s) will need to commit to invest at least 20 minutes each evening with each student. Teachers and specialists provide guidance into the best use of the time and, on certain days, to specific assignments.

There are special seminars and workshops provided to assist you as you invest in your children’s learning and school achievement. Most learning theorists rank this as the most important for the student.

The schools all strive to have “real time” information available to all participants and stakeholders employing a web-based system. We find it highly ineffective to wait until the end of a semester to observe that a student needs assistance. Such observation needs to take place in real-time. A learning block occurred today, giving it attention tonight and tomorrow the block can be addressed and probably overcome.

Technology plays a significant role in personalized learning. Learning planning and feedback are web-based. Learning style and pace are addressed through software and online opportunities. Each household needs web access and an ability to use the school’s software. The technology staff provides assistance to all who need help.

Campus Overview

The Cambridge Lakes Learning Center and the development of educational services offered on the campus.

These services now include:

  • Cambridge Lakes Preschool –a private preschool
  • Cambridge Lakes Charter School –a public K-8 community school established by charter agreement with CUSD 300
  • The Cambridge Lakes Academy – a K-12 e-Blended learning program, combining virtual learning with some on-campus programs.


The main goal of the design process has been to develop a campus that can accommodate lifelong learning. The campus has been designed as a place where students and families can be served throughout the day and evening during every month of the year. In addition to providing classroom space for students in the preschool and charter school, the facilities are meant to provide for a variety of community activities as well--such as recreation and sporting events.

the completed campus will host over 1,000 students, children attending Cambridge Lakes Charter School or Cambridge Lakes Preschool experience all the benefits of a small school. The Cambridge Lakes Learning Center campus will contain six classroom buildings that will each house two grade levels, approximately 200 students per building (see the campus layout page for more details). Students will benefit from this small school environment because they will know the teachers, learning assistants and students in their building.

Though an administrative building including specialty classrooms and a gathering hall will complete the campus layout. Common areas in the gathering hall--such as the performance center, Great Hall and cafes--will create opportunities for interaction of community members of all ages.


School Design Principles

school design principles

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